D4 C/S and MS SQL 6.5 Need Help, BDE Crashes

Hello (sorry for my english),

we have installed:

Windows NT 4 SR 3     (Compac, PII 333, with 256 MB, an 4 * 9,2 GByte SCSI
Raid System)
SQL Server 6.5 SR?
Last Update from the BDE.

We have some CGI Programs (wroten with D4).
The CGI Programs connected with SQL-Links (BDE) to the
Sometimes the BDE Crashes. All Application says:
Error while initialisation the borland database..... (or so, our Message are
in Geman :-)  )
The BDE crahses, then many User are connected to the Server.

Have anyone any Idea?
Yes? Please write to HNies...@aol.com

Cu, Holger


(EMail: HNies...@aol.com)