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25 times more Memory consumption with ADT fields (ORACLE 8)

Dear Borland Support (or other persons able to help us)

we have detected a real big problem using ADT_Fields within ORACLE8. After
some testing I have brocken down the problem into a large memory consumption
within the BDE!

The Result is (using Delphi 4.0 SP 3 and BDE 5.01 latest patch ):

Same Field-Structure using ADT_Fields consumes about 25 times more memory!
(see test structure the message)

I have putted my findings together in a easy to install test program.

a) first create the test structures using the SQL.Script CreateTables
b) compile the example program (change the DataBase-Alias to the right Alias
and connect)
c) fill the tables with testdata by pressing the "Fill" buttons
d) Open your NT-Task-Manager and look at the resources during pressing the

We really need an answer how to solve this issue because we have a project
converted to an OO-Approach together in ORACLE 8. It works with about 2000
ADT-Fields. If this memory consumption cannot be reduced to a factor of less
than 2 (which is still to big in my opinion because an ADT-Field is just a
Pointer to a structure) we can forget to use the BDE!!!

BTW: Now I understand why other testings we made where such slow. The whole
performance degrade with ADT-Fields


Gnther Schoch

the test programm I attached to a separate message (follow the thread)

--- Test-Structure ---

create or replace type TEST_ADT_TYPE as object
( VALUE     NUMBER(20,0) NULL,
  FLAG2     CHAR(1) NULL

       SNO       NUMBER(10,0) NULL,
       ADT_VALUE Test_ADT_Type

       SNO       NUMBER(10,0) NULL,
       VALUE     NUMBER(20,0) NULL,
       FLAG      VARCHAR2(2) NULL,
       FLAG2     CHAR(1) NULL


Re:25 times more Memory consumption with ADT fields (ORACLE 8)

Just as an addtional remark

There is as well a memory leak. Just open and close a Query 1000 times (with
the ADT-Field) and you will see the memory disappear.

Have we really to switch away from the BDE?


Gnther Schoch


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