Looking for a program to convert Clipper indexes to dbase indexes

I think the easiest way to do this would be to examine your clipper
indices (the indexing string is located somewhere near the beginning of
the index, as I recall) to determine the index fields and just writing a
simple program/module to create the dbase indices with the same fields.
Brad Clarke wrote:
> Hi,

> A contract I have been working on since last year uses database files
> that were originally created with a Clipper 5.0 DOS app.

> Is there a tool available that can convert the .ntx files to .mdx or
> whatever the .ntx equivelent is in the BDE.

> We need to convert these files to a dbase index format in order to
> convert all of the data files to a BDE alternative in order to lighten
> the distribution size for the demo we plan to post.

> Thanks...Brad