Free Delphi tutorial system available for download!

The Dolphin for Delphi website has been updated, not only can you download
the free full version of the Dolphin for Delphi tutorial package, but there
is also a full SQL-based BDE/ODBC data browser, as well as complete source
code examples of how to use MSIE3+ TWebBrowser OCX component, write your
own screensaver with preview plus much, much more...

To access the site simply point your browser @ any of the following:{*word*99}er/emacs/114

Dolphin is a free tutorial-based teaching aide which serves to introduce
you the user, to Borland's Delphi programming language and integrated
development environment.

Dolphin quickly and easily shows you how to:

        * Create attractive, intuitive graphical user interfaces.
        * Develop, debug and test your own applications.
        * Handle events, errors and exceptions.

According to UK-based computing magazine PC Plus: "[Dolphin is] an
excellent tutorial for  Delphi users" (  August 1997).
Richard Sutcliffe
Author of Dolphin for Delphi
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