Too much memory...

I have a problem with memory in my delphi application.
I build two Database Objects (one for Oracle and one for Foxpro) and I need
to translate Oracle Tables to dbf tables using BDE aliases.

Step 1. Instanciating teo batabase objects.
Step 2. looking for tables to translate
Step 3. Instanciating a TQuery and a TTable objects
Step 4. Translating fields
Step 5. copy TQuery to TTable (manually, i can't use Batchmove because field
and data may be different)
Step 6 Freeing TQuery and TTable
Step 7. Step 3 to 6 for next table.
Step 8 Free database objects.

Why memory grow up until the application Close?
Some oracle Tables can have more than 150,000 records and my Application
uses about 200Mb of memory and even if in the Task manager i can see my
application's memory is going down, total system memory grow up. I must free
BDE resources? how?

Thank you.