Different SQL result with different language driver??


    I have a paradox table called 'GL.DB'    with three columns,
    Name               Type            Size        Key
    'CODE'            A                    7            *
    'ACCTYPE'     A                   2
    'SACCTYPE'    A                 2

    and there is a maintained index on field 'SACCTYPE'.

    and have the following values

    'CODE'        'ACCTYPE'        'SACCTYPE'
    100-000        CP                    --
    200-000        FA                    FA
    300-000        CA                    CM

    I used the following Local SQL statement to query database, but for
different language driver, the result is
    different, what's going wrong?

    SQL Statement:

    For language driver "ascii 'ANSI'", the query returns one row,

    For language driver "Paradox Taiwan 950" and "Paradox China 936", the
query returns empty set.

    What's going wrong?

    If I removed the index key 'SACCTYPE', then all of the language drivers
return one row. (Correct)

    It seems that if there is a maintained index on a column, then the SQL
statement will behave strangely.

    Could any body help me?