3 Questions on Delphi 3.0 cs

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>1 -

>I'm working in a very small aplication that access to small dbase tables.
>I'm not using BDE, just conecting directly form the table components. The
>question is, are there some drawbacks on using this way?

You *are* using the BDE, and you will have to deploy it with your
application. With a small application, you shouldn't encounter any

>2- Can I do that with MSAccess Database? ( I guess no...)

Yes, the BDE can be used to read Access tables as well as DBase tables.
It's slightly trickier to set up, however.

>3- The user will install this application, and the he will receceive an
>update every month. the update is some new data to be merged in the table he
>alreday have instaled. How do I do that? The more simple way is better.

There are lots of ways - one way is for your update program to include a
table of the same structure as the deployed table. The update program
could open both tables (old and new), scan through the new table and
append those records the old table. If you include the update routines
in the original application, all you need to deploy for the update is
a DBase table.

Just place a spare TTable component in you application, which is then
used for the update - remember the DatabaseName can be a path as well
as an alias - for example DatabaseName := 'a:\';

Jeremy Collins
Kansai Business Systems