D1->D2: "Engine not initialized"


I am experimenting with Delphi 2.01 and one of my Delphi 1.02 database
components; in Delphi 1.02 I was able to use BDE procedures
immediately without needing to initialize the BDE (that was done
automatically in the initialization part of classes.pas).

Trying the same with Delphi 2.01 yields an error "Engine not
initialized". Now, saying "Session.Open" DOES solve the problem, but
is this the recommended way for a component? And for a property

Should one call Session.Close once one is finished? I suppose so? But,
when closing the session and then accessing the BDE yields an
AccessViolation and not a EDatabaseError, so something does not seem
to be right (after re-opening all is fine, as expected)?

Any insights are greatly appreciated !

TIA Stefan

PS: Could you please forward a copy of your reply via email, too, as
out news supply does not seem to very stable... Thanks!
Stefan Hoffmeister                       Stefan.Hoffmeis...@Uni-Passau.de
University of Passau, Bavaria, Germany