Help - Record Locks w/ Multi-user Paradox (d2)


I'm looking into converting a multi-user vb3/access 2 app to a d2/paradox 7

As far as i can tell, the primary issues i need some help with (i've seen
references but no real "examples") are :

(a) how to deal with a record lock (presumably an edatabaseerror will be
raised), but it would be nice to be able to intercept the message on the
way and display my own work around.

(b) Does the record lock occur on the read (seek), edit(add) or delete?
Can i set the method (to lock on the post, for example)?

(c) Access 2/Vb3 apps often got "corrupted", and could (depending on their
size) of use a good "packing"-- these were basic functions of the JET DAO
layer-- what is the comparable functionality in pdox?  is it a viable

(d) Access 2 requires novell administrators to increase the file lock
threshold on all shared dbs, are there any such "idiosyncrasy" for paradox?

(e) the dberrors.dpr project in the \delphi\demos\db directory references a
"DBIErrs.Int file in the Delphi/Doc"-- which i do not (nor is it on my d2

(f) anything else i can be

oh yes-- if it helps, make the assumption that most of the db operations
will be on non-bound items.
and, if there any i-sites that have some good info on the subject, please
steer me there!!!


ps-- please respond via email
Bart Davis