Anyone seen KingCalendar?


    My company put an order in to Regatta for Appvision's KingCalendar
Delphi component about three months ago and we have yet to see it.  I
guess Appvision isn't sending the disks to Regatta for distribution.  I
was wondering if anyone here has seen this component.  Also, could you
share the steps you took to get it.  I'm having a hell of a time getting
a hold of Appvision.  Their website was down all month, it finally came
back this morning.  Their phone number has been disconnected.  From what
I've seen, this is probably the best calendar component for Delphi.  If
I'm wrong, and you know of a different component which might be better,
or just easier to aquire, please let me know.  I'm in desperate need of
a calendar/planner for a client's program I'm working on.

Brian Richmond