MS SQL Server access with TCP/IP

Dear all,
   I have never used Delphi up to now for DataBase applications, and
now due to a short term project I have to write a small client-server
system with Delphi and MS SQL server. I have been reading the help
files since yesterday, I've also taken a look at a Delphi book I have,
but all the above were not too much help. What I want to ask for, is
some general guidelines to TCP/IP server connection, or a URL that
explains how it is done (if it is). Please keep in mind that this is a
database lamer speaking :-) I have just started reading about
DataSets, DataSources, DB Aliases, etc.
I would be grateful if you copied your answer to the address mentioned
in my signature (Remove NOSPAM!!!), just in case.

   Thank you very much,

Constantinos A. Kotsokalis -
Athens University of Economics and Business
Network Operation Center
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