Using Oracle SQL*NET from Win-OS/2.


Is anyone succesfully using Oracle SQL*Plus under Win-OS/2?  I
don't mean under OS/2 proper, but under the Win-OS/2 shell
under OS/2.  I think if I could get this going then I could
also get Delphi SQL*Links to work with Oracle under Win-OS/2.

I am able to run our Delphi application under Win-OS/2 and it
connects to our server application on HP fine using the Windows
WINSOCK.DLL.  But we have not been able to get SQL*Plus (an
Oracle application) to talk through Win-OS/2 to Oracle, let
alone via Delphi.  This is strictly an Oracle problem so far.  
Once we solve this problem, then I assume our Delphi
application will work fine, as it does under Win 3.1, Win NT
and Win '95.

   Rick Flanders