Feedback needed for ColorMemo

Hello, everybody,

Few days ago Baltic Solutions released their product
TColorMemo and is now seeking a feedback on.
We received so much request for developing it further,
that we decided to so. Now what we need is your requests
for features to be included in next version of ColorMemo.

What we'll include in forthcomming days is :

 - Color for selected to be drawn in.
 - HotSpots - something similar to WinHelp or HTML links
 - More types of coloring and combinations of them
 - More ways to highlight text - bold, italic, underline
 - Maybe even support for different fonts
 - Ability to handle more text than standart Memo does.
   In Win95 limit is something between 40-64Kb depending
   on size of Memo itself. In WinNT there is no limit.

Also we need your input on whether 16 bit version is
needed. Current version uses lot's of Win32 API calls,
so it's not compatible with Delpi 1.0, but if we get
enough requests for it we'll do our best to make it

BTW, TColorMemo is freeware and only source is
shareware - $15. Primary we developed it for our own
use and didn't plan to sell it. Thus at least current
and one of next versions will remain free.

Gintaras Pikelis
Baltic Solutions
e-mail  :
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