Dolphin feedback/improvements/suggestions

First of all we, the authors of the Dolphin Delphi tutorial package, would
like to thank everyone who has downloaded and used Dolphin and we hope you
found it both useful and productive in helping you understand the
fundamentals of Delphi and Object-Pascal.  

In order to ensure Dolphin's currency and quality as a tutorial package we
are now looking for feedback and suggestions for possible improvements from
users of the current version.

Amongst the prospective enhancements we intend to implement if there is
enough interest are:
? A tutorial search facility
? Open feedback querying, for generating custom statistics using SQL
? Improved printing
? More complete example source code, and the inclusion of Delphi 3.0 topics
? Increased tutorial levelling, to isolate specific topics within chapters

We are also toying with the idea of including topics from other authors and
third parties, to increase the level of expertise in certain areas (OLE
programming and Delphi 3.0 for example).

Another possibility is the creation of a fully on-line version of Dolphin,
written in either Delphi 3.0 or Java, to allow user's access to the data
via the internet.

In addition we would like to ascertain whether people would welcome a
similar tutorial package for languages such as Java and Visual Basic.

We would be grateful if you could mail your views of the current version of
Dolphin, along with any other ideas you may have for improving it.

Richard Sutcliffe