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>I'm writing a sampling-program and need to know how I can find out when
>a chosen track ends...
>I just type
>And that works... but I need to know when I have to stop the recording...
>by now I just wait until the mediaplayer steps on to the next track...
>and with the position-property I get to know this, but I guess that`s not
>the best way to do it...
>I don't see why I can't do anything with the mode-property...!!!
>Can't I just use the mpseeking-property.... I tried but it didn't work...
>please help!

I've never dealt with the multi-track stuff, but I might be able to point you
in the direction of something that could help.

Put in an OnNotify event, and make sure that MediaPlayer1.Wait is set to
False.  The MediaPlayer1 should fire the OnNotify event when it's done playing
whatever segment (you might have to set MediaPlayer1's StartPos and EndPos
before calling Play if you want to limit what gets recorded).  There, you can
probably stop MediaPlayer2 recording.

Hope that helps..

  --=- Ritchie Annand