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Showmessage causing connect =true!!!!!

Help! In trying to track down another problem I added a call to showmessage
to my data module OnCreate event. For some reason I can not grasp this call
causes *one* of the data connections to set connected=true. Before
showmessage connected = false, line  after connected = true.

Why? This makes no sense.

It causes no end of problems. At that point the connection does not have a
valid connection string. I am trying to track another XP only problem. That
also seems to be related to somehow connected = true before the connection
string is ready.

Hair is coming out in handfuls!!!!!!!!


D5, Access, Jet 4.0 provider


Re:Showmessage causing connect =true!!!!!

Solved it. Processing in OnActiveFormChange event was using a query, so it
connected.  Displays a messagebox triggers this event. Phew that caught me.

Now back to the original problem... why XP  intermittanly fails to connect
(and does not seem to have the connection string at the time).


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