Delphi 3.0 - IIS 2/3 ISAPI SQL Server (MS) not found errors

I am experimenting creating an ISAPI dll and am having a problem trying to
execute a query against MS SQL Server.  I'm running IE4, IIS & BDE locally and
it appears I am having trouble connecting to MS SQL Server.  It sounds like a
network name resolution error:

Internal Server Error 500

Exception: EDBEngineError
Message: Cannot locate or connect to SQL server. Unable to connect: SQL Server
is unavailable or does not exist. Alias: BARKOPEN

"BARKOPEN" is the name of a TDatabase that I'm using to supply user name and
password parameters to open the connection.  This points to a MSSQL native
alias within the BDE, that connects independently (via SQL Explorer), executes
identical queries,!

Using the same methodology within the ISAPI dll, I can connect to local
Paradox tables and even a remote ODBC-enabled HP-3000 Image/SQL database no
problem (this uses user name and password parameters, so I don't think that's
the problem especially since the error isn't a security type of message)

"Ironically", it seems I'm struggling with the integration of M$ products.

Any ideas?


Delphi 3 C/S
MS SQL Server 6.5
BDE 4.51
IE 4
IIS : version 2 locally, however I have tried version 3 remotely with same

Thanks in advance,

Brian Moelk

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