DBGrid Multi-Select Errors

We are having a problem on our DBGrid component in Delphi Client/Server 2.0
(32 bit).  

When the [Options] Multi-Select is set to true, and you single-click on a
non-existant record, we get:
Project invmain.exe raised exception class EAccessViolation with message
'an Access Violation at address 4CDEB8B8.  Read of address FFFFFFFF.'
Process stopped.  Use Step or Run to continue.  

Ok, Ok... Before you start asking why we'd do anything dumb like click on a
non-existant record, consider a parent-child relationship where there are
no children yet, or you have deleted the last record in the child table.  

This error pops up in all kinds of operations where there are no records in
the child grid.

Please help...


Keith Thiebaud
The Ohio Department of Transportation, District 11