Saving and loading my components in a database blob


I have a problem I've been working on for a while. I've made a
screen-designer, where descendants of TEdit, TLabel etc are placed on a
panel. These components need to be saved into a database-blob, thus
that the whole panel can be reloaded in one go. With some examples I
found out how to save components to a filestream. This works
all-rightish, but when I use this on myh own components, I find that
only the basic properties of TEdit and TLabel (and all the others) are
saved, not all the variables I added later.

Yes I did use the registerclass for each and every descendant.

I would GREATLY appreciate any help on this. At the moment I save each
variable seperatly in a stringlist, and rebuilding the panel is very
slow (3 seconds per screen).

Thanks in advance, and you would do me even a bigger favour by also
mailing your reply to!

Yours Faithfully,

Marc van Leeuwen

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