Any experience with the DHTML Edit component?

I have just started experimenting with the Delphi freeware control
"THTMLEdit" available at

It is a delphi wrapper around the MS DHTML interfaces to provide an editor

While I have it installed and working somewhat, when I call the LoadURL()
method passing it a valid WideString as the URL, I get an exceptions :

"Invalid Syntax", "Not Enough storage is available to complete this

I have enough resources on this machine.

I can use the LoadDocument() method and load a file from disk fine, but when
I call it's SaveToFile method the changes in the editor are not saved to the

I also get a "Could not convert a variant of type (null) into type string"
error message in the GetFontName() method when I change the content of the
document at runtime in some places.

Any information welcome.


Reid Roman
Future Generation Software