Stretching and page wrapping = problems.

Using D3.02, QR 2.0K.

Have a group footer with series of child bands.  Child band A prints a total
for the group.  Child band B is a child of A, prints a memo that stretches.
Child band C is a child of B, height set to 0, AlignToBottom is true.  C is
to force end of page at the end of a group.  There is also a page footer on
the report.

Here's the issue:  When A doesn't fit on the page, A, B, etc. all move to a
new page.  When A fits, but B doesn't, A stays on the first page, but B
seems to try to print starting right below A, with some text hidden below
the page footer, then a couple lines below the footer (in the margin).  A
should be on page 1, B should be completely on page 2.

Anyone know how to fix this?
Thanks, Andrew