REQ: TButton with *vertical* caption?!


I need a TButton with a vertical caption instead of the usual
horizontal way. Freeware would be great.


Kay Hayen - author of BinPatch:

Software package BINPATCH creates and applys patches. Generate compact
update patches for your software; handles complete directories at once;
with path support for updating subdirectories; creates SELFEXECUTING
patches; AUTOFINDS patch target dir or file; FULLY FUNCTIONAL SHAREWARE
and requires registration for commercial usage only; MULTIPLATFORM creating
and applying patches on all of DOS/Win3.1, Win95/NT, OS/2 and Linux;
generate in one platform apply with another.


NEW 1.9: Now creates EXE-PATCHES, patches MULTIPLE releases with one
Patch and AUTODETECTS best sources itself when creating patches for
directories. No matter renamed and modified files.