"Data-aware" TForm.captions

I want the heading of a window to display some table data in its
caption string. This way the user sees exactly which record he/she is
working on.

Data-aware headings on a form canvas are simple:
- A configured TDBEDit "looks" like a heading
- The field is linked via adataset
- Headings display correctly automatically

However, one wants this heading in the TForm.caption, not on the TForm

For this one needs to track:
- Has the record pointer moved
- Has the other window been created

For simple dependencies, DataSouce.OnDataChange() seem to do the
- If the DataSouce.state = dsBrowse and
  Field=NIL then the record pointer moved.
- The TForm.caption is updated here.

For multiple dependencies, start-up faults can occur:
- The other form has not been created
- Both forms need each other
- Changing the "create order" won't resolve
  the conflict

This seems to mean "fixing" the caption update in many different event
handlers throughout the application.

Defining the TForm.caption by reference to the dataset directly, that
would be neat, if possible.

Does anyone know of a custom TForm component with a "data-aware"

Email appreciated.