ChartFX 2.0/Delphi 2.0/OnChangeType event/Cannot access nType parameter


We are trying to use the ChartFX 2.0 component included with Delphi
2.0 and so far are very pleased with it.

However, we have a problem with the OnChangeType event.  The event
handler is supposed to receive a parameter named nType, which is
declared as Integer in the Help file and Smallint in the .pas file
for the OCX, but when we access the parameter, we get an access

Our guess is that the .pas glue file is incorrect for some unknown
reason.  We have not been able to fix it.

Does anybody have a clue?

By the way, is ChartFX 3.0 worth the price or should I go with, say,
TeeChart when the 32 bit version gets out?

Thank you.

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