Win95 Refresh problem with TQuerys on Paraodx

I have an application (currently only running on two networked Win95 OSR2
PCs with BDE V5.01) and one of the PCs opens and closes a TQuery
periodically to refresh the data from the other PC that updates the data.

The problem is that the PC doesnt refresh properly unless I open a TTable
 and call the Refresh method) that looks at the same table that the query
looks at.
Has anyone else heard of this before and is there a solution ?

I have tried posting this on other paradox newsgroups but I think I might be
on my own on this one !

Is there a BDE setting that I need to fiddle with - Does anyone know of a
source for descriptions of the BDE settings ? The only parameter I have
found that made the TTables refresh was the 'Local Share' option in the BDE
. This doesnt seem to affect TQuery's though - weird ?

It would be hard for me to put a TTable everywhere where I use a query to
refresh as there are lots of them....

Any help much appreciated !