incremental & partial search in string fields

I'm building an application that handles this table, with many fields.
I tried to implement the usual ?Find First? and ?Find Next? buttons,
regardless of the selected field, but i can't figure out what to use in the
find next button (in the find first, i use "locate", which works just fine
but allways finds the first record).
On the other hand, i would like to implement a really partial search on
string fields, as the following line, which works perfectly in a query, on
MS Access:  CustomerName Like "*john*", finding every john in our universe,
regardless of the position of the word john in the whole name (it may be in
the beggining, in the end, or somewhere in the middle).  The idea is to
filter the table, showing only the records that has the word john in the
CustomerName data.
I guess BDE must solve both this problems easely, so i would be must obliged
if someone would instruct me...
Merry Xmas to u all
Paulo Couto