Accessing MS Internet Explorer 3.0 OLE Events Via Delphi 2.0

MS Internet Explorer 3.0 Automation Via Delphi 2.0

The Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 application can be controlled as an OLE
automation. Its documentation in the Microsoft ActiveX Software Developers
Kit defines its properties, methods and events. There is also documentation
for the WebBrowser object that MS IE3.0 uses to download and display live

It is easy to access the properties and methods via Delphi 2.0, but I have
not been able to access the events. Any information on how to do this, or how
to proceed to find a solution would be greatly appreciated.

For those who are interested I'd like to announce a Web site dedicated to Web
browser automation examples and techniques @

Below is some documentation and examples

Thanks Dom Williams

InternetExplorer Object:

PROPERTIES: Application, Busy, Container, Document, Filename, FullName,
FullScreen, Height, Left, Name, Parent, Path, StatusBar, StatusText, ToolBar,
Top, TopLevelContainer, Type, Visible, Width

METHODS: GoBack, GoForward, GoHome, GoSearch, Navigate, Quit, Refresh, Stop

EVENTS: OnBeginNavigate, OnCommandStateChange, OnDownloadBegin,
OnDownloadComplete, OnNavigate, OnNewWindow, OnProgress, OnQuit,

Sample Code:

    // Create a copy of Internet Explorer if we don't already have one.
    if VarIsEmpty(IE) then
      IE := CreateOLEObject('InternetExplorer.Application.1');

    // Set object properties.
    IE.StatusBar := True;
    IE.FullScreen := False;
    IE.Width := 600;
    IE.Height := 400;
    IE.Visible := True;
    IE.StatusText := 'I am controlling this Internet Explorer';

    // Call navigate method.
    if Length(LastURL) <> 0 then IE.Navigate(LastURL)
    else IE.Navigate(DefaultURL);

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