"Enter" key - Corel 8 script

Simply put, How do I get a macro to press "Enter" in a Corel Draw! 8 script.
I've got a simple script that is supposed to export a file, press Enter to
get through it and close the file.  Below is my code.  This code was made by
just recording my keystrokes/clicks.

the .FileExport line below is not supposed to save to the 2-2.jpg file, it's
just supposed to save to the same name of file as what is open.  If I'm
exporting 2-2.cdr, it's supposed to export to 2-2.jpg.

Any ideas?

Mark Elias

REM Generated by DRAW's automation recorder
REM Created On Tuesday, April, 30, 2002 by melias

WITHOBJECT "CorelDraw.Automation.8"
 .FileExport "C:\Work\Reports\RetroSpecs_Jim\2-2.jpg", 774, 1083, 1599, 149,
149, 4, 0, TRUE
 .FileClose True