QuickReport printer problems


we work in a NT-Network with several printers. With our new software we have
the problem, that QReport seems not to use the printer setup information we
choose in the preview. The Workstations can print to at least 3 network
printers. A HP LaserJet is the default printer. When we choose a lineprinter
(emulated EPSON LQ 850) we always get A4 as papersize, which the HP has as
default but not the endless paper 8.5 x 12 inch which is the default of the
lineprinter. When we print to the lineprinter the printed out paperlength is
always 11 inch, whatever papersize we choose. When we change the length of
the report everything after 11 inch is cut. The start of page is always
drifting 1 inch. We work on this problem for about 10 days - whatever we
try, the result is always the same. The latest was that when we choose the
lineprinter as default the print to the HP gives a blank page when we choose
the HP in the printer setup of the preview. Our customer is annoyed as we
are - what can we do? What is wrong?

We use Delphi 4.01 german and the qr305sd4 update, the report is 12 inch in
length and should print to 8.5 x 12 inch paper (why is this standard paper
as other endless standard papers e.g. 15 x 12 inch not in the paperlist of
QR? Not all programs print to laserprinters or similar!)

Help needed!!!

E-Mail: g...@gdub.de