webitize a GUI app

after reading about what Classic Blend can do for a VisualWorks app, and
ULC for a VisualAge app, is there anything similar or comparable for
applications developed in Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, Delphi, VC++ etc
etc ?

That is, with no change of original source code, are there products out
there that enable an app developed in VB, Delphi, Visual C++ to be
rendered inside a web browser?

Given the fact that there are already millions of GUI apps developed in
tens or hundreds of different sw development tools, and given the desire
of IT managers to allow a web browser user to use these apps without
having to rewrite source code, I wonder if some software tool makers are
having a easier or more difficult time than others to allow that (the
automatic rendering. i.e., like a real-time conversion of GUI element
description into java bytecodes that a browser can understand).

- alexis

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