MAPI and BDE / Uanble to edit Data after MAPI Logon


I encoutered the following problem:

I've written a menu-component which provides some e-mail functionality
through MAPI ( using the ExtendedMAPI unit ). This component is to be used
on several database applications. But everytime I try to edit data using a
databound control on an RequestLive-enabled TQuery, I get an general SQL
Error, error on floating point conversion, source is invalid or similar (
don't know the right english translation ). This Error occurs with
TDBCheckbox and TDBEdit with different datatypes.
I found out that the responsible function for this error has to be
MAPILogonEx, without it everything works fine ( except of the MAPI - part of
course ), if it is executed, the error occurs.

Everyone out there who knows a solution? Answer to
please, as I can read this newsgroup only occasionally.