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Hi I have just bought the source code for TSkinForm so I can use it with
Delphi 3 but when I compile it I get loads of error message. some of these
can be removed because a procedure is declared twice but there is one error
that still puzzles me the line that causes it is this

Canvas.TextFlags := ETO_OPAQUE;

is there a Delphi 3 equivalent?

Thank you.



On Sun, 23 Jul 2000 16:52:50 +0100, "Richard Towyn"

<> wrote:
>is there a Delphi 3 equivalent?

First, do NOT cross- or multi-post messages. It isn't necessary, and
it is specifically against the published newsgroup guidelines.

The TCanvas.TextFlags property provides a way to specify flags which
are used by the Windows API routine ExtTextOut, which is called from
TCanvas.TextOut and TCanvas.TextRect. See ExtTextOut in the help for
details on what the flags mean. With respect to ETO_OPAQUE, it looks
like Delphi 5 doesn't even use this, but it would probably be
equivalent to *not* setting Brush.Style := bsClear.
Rick Rogers (TeamB) and

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