Access violation on database.commit with foxpro database(odbc driver not native)

Is anyone has a clue of what's happening!

I work on Delphi 4 and i use ODBC to connect to the foxpro database(driver
 Here's what happening : I have a query where i have ( for the example) 2
records(sql server database). With each record(loop), i'm inserting in 4
tables of the foxpro database. My first record is made to cause an
error(testing purpose) so the first transaction is rollbacked without any
problem, then loop on second record. So we start another transaction(close
database if connected, open database and start transaction.) and do the same
process as for the first record. On the end of the process, it raise an
access violation on the rollback or commit of the current database
transaction. The error seems to be in odbc dll. Error messsage : Raise
EAccess Violation on ...... vfpodbc.dll

Then the apps is frozen and the only thing we can do is kill the apps.

What's that f.. problem! Please help me!!