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Example for SQL? Please help!

at this point i would look at "working with queries" - specifying the sql
statement ....and so on ...
in the d5-documentation and also look at the dbdemo examples in the demo

Rudy Kappert <> wrote in message

> Can anyone help me on a simple example to use SQL in Delphi 5?.
> I'm just a new guy programming with Delphi?..

> I would be very thankful!..

> or does anyone know a good delphi site?...

> Big thanks ..

> Rudy Kappert
> The Netherlands


Re:Example for SQL? Please help!

If you're using Interbase or DB2, "SQL for Dummies" is an excellent
book.  It uses SQL92 syntax, and those two DBMSs are the most SQL92
compliant, as opposed to Oracle, for example, which is a rogue.


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