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Loading busy forms quickly

Hey folks,

I have a couple of forms with many components on them which sometimes
take as much as five seconds to create and show.  I was wondering if
anyone has some tips on how to speed this up.  I have considered
creating them at startup rather than on-the-fly, but our startup time is
already way too long and I was looking for more inventive ways.  The
form in question is a left pane with a grid and about 10 edit fields and
the right pane is about 5 pages of tabs each with several components on

Thanks for any suggestions.

Robert Anderson


Re:Loading busy forms quickly

Robert -- if the controls are in "pages"..  like a TNotebook or
TPageControl, we have a VCL to create each page on-the-fly, thus speeding up
initial creation.

Dan English

Re:Loading busy forms quickly


Thanks, I'll try it out.  I presume it's the rsPageBox component on


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