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Problems with Delphi 3.0 and installshield


I have made a program under Delphi 3.0.  I used Installshield
delivered with D3.0.  This was complete succesfully and I have four
disks for my program including the BDE (for DBASE-tables).

i came to a friend of my to test this installationdisks.  This goes
very good.  

My alias is good, ....

But when I run my program I get this message :

"An error occurred while attempting to initialize the Borland Database
Engine (error $2109)"

Can somebody help ?  Am I missing files somewhere (like the windows
directory or somewhere)?



Re:Problems with Delphi 3.0 and installshield


The error you are getting is: "Cannot load IDAPI32.DLL".

Deployment is beyond the scope of the install newsgroup, which is for
getting Delphi up and running correctly only. I recommend posting to:
borland.public.delphi.thirdparty-tools and contacting installshield.

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