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Resolve MAC address from NIC

Hi there,

Does anyone know if there is an program which can resolve the mac
address in a
ms-dos environment, without having to load any driver. And also from any

If there is would you please tell me name of that program.
If there is not i would appreciate it very much if anyone could tell me
which IRQ and/or IO-Address i can resolve that information. It has to be
somewhere, and i think it will be on the same location for any

Many thanks in advance.....


Re:Resolve MAC address from NIC

I am not aware of any approach to this problem from within an
MS-DOS environment, in which a device driver has not been loaded
for the NIC.  However, if you know the make and model of the NIC
whose MAC address for which you are interested, it seems to me
that you could hack an existing packet driver source to give this
information to you in such a form that you would not have to load
any drivers.  I would suggest that you visit  
They have packet drivers and source for nearly any NIC you can
name.  The sources, together with the packet driver spec (also
available from crynwr), should give you the material you need to
hack for your purposes.


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