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disable CTRL+ALT+DEL

I need a routine to disable CTRL+ALT+DEL.
Any help outthere?

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Re:disable CTRL+ALT+DEL

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:I need a routine to disable CTRL+ALT+DEL.
:Any help outthere?

-From: Frequently Asked TP Questions
-Subject: Disabling alt-ctrl-del

46. *****
 Q: How does one disable alt-ctrl-del?

 A: I can only give a pointer to source code. Take a look at
 4067 Jul 1 1993 CadThief TP6+ unit for trapping ctrl+alt+del, M.Hanninen
 30673 Oct 13 1987 Disable alt-ctrl-del + other int09h TP tricks, N.Rubenking
 7105 Apr 19 1995 Disable Ctrl-Alt-Del via new TP kb interrupt, J.Robertson
Also see Lou Duchez's source code in TSR.SWG examples in the fine
SWAG (SourceWare Archival Group's) collection of TP sources.
Available from the /pc/turbopas directory at Garbo. For the current
references to the SWAG files see
   I have utilized alt-ctrl-del disabling at least in one of my own
programs (PESTIKID.EXE). The code is not available, but the general
idea is replacing the old keyboard interrupt ($09) with a handler of
one's own. If the handler detects alt-ctrl-del, the keyboard is
reset, else the handler is chained back to the original interrupt.
The chaining requires a rather complicated inline procedure provided
in TurboPower Software's kit. An additional complication is that the
del keypress must be intercepted already at the relevant port $60,
and the alt and ctrl status must be tested, so that the rebooting
will not be invoked. Resetting the keyboard requires accessing the
$20 and $61 ports.

   All the best, Timo

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