BDE and MS SQL Server Linked Servers

Hi. I am having trouble accessing a MS SQL Server 7 Linked Server via
BDE 5.01. The problem is as follows:

I have setup a dBase III database as a Linked Server in MS SQL Server 7
and I am able to access the data from Query Analyser. I am also able to
setup views / stored procedures in my SQL Database which accesses the
Linked Server. So far, so good.
From my Delphi application / BDE Administrator / SQL Explorer, if I try
to access the Linked Server or the SQL Server views / stored
procedure, the BDE returns a error message and asks for SQL Server
database's ANSI_NULL & ANSI_WARNNGS options to be set for the
connection before I requery.
No matter what I set and try, I am unable to access the Linked Server
database even via a regular view / stored proc. in a regular SQL Server

I would appreciate any help / ideas anybody has on this.

Thanks in advance.
Raj Mandalia.

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