Anyone done D2->ODBC->Personal Oracle?

I also had exactly the same problem. I talked with Oracle instead of Borland.
The were no help. Only said 'gee??, It should work'

>On 8/22/96 9:38PM, in message <01bb9096$9f30f2e0$LocalHost@ajmaske>, "Anthony
>Jay Maske" <> wrote:
> David,

> > I installed Oracle's 32-bit driver, and it works w/ MS Access &
> > ReportSmith, but not w/ BDE apps.

> > I installed MS's 32-bit ODBC pack (wx1220.exe), but the Oracle drivers
> > by Intersolv & Visigenics won't let me add a driver.

> > Intersolv's driver tells me I don't have enough memory (on a 32M
> > machine), and Visigenics sez I'm missing required Oracle
> > client/network files, though it won't say which files are missing.

> > FYI, I installed EVERY available option via the Pers. Oracle CD
> > install.

> > I called Borland ( @ $2/min!), and the guy I talked to said yes, he
> > had Pers. Oracle on the very machine he was using, and yes, the
> > Visigenics driver worked fine (for him).

> I've encountered the _exact_ same scenario that you've just described
> above with the same results - except that I never called Borland.  What
> I learned as far as the Oracle Drivers is that they are not Level 2
> compliant and therefore will not work with BDE32.  Never had the time
> to try to figure out the rest of the drivers.  I willing to bet that this
> person from Borland was running either Delphi C/S (which ships with
> SQLLinks) or Delphi Developer with SQLLinks installed.

> --
> Anthony Maske