Live Chat on The Delphi Information Connection

The Delphi Information Connection is now hosting a live chat section for
discussion of Delphi related issues.

In order to participate in the chat you must be using Netscape 2.0 with
Java support.

We will soon be installing a chat server on the new site that will allow
non-netscape users to partake in the chat as well. The new site should
be up and running April 1st at

In the meantime we invite you to participate in the chat area featured
at The Delphi Information Connection
choose Live Chat from the image map.

Instead of flooding the newsgroup with other messages here is some
addtional information:

The Delphi Information Connection features components, links and job
listings, if you have a component that you would like to have listed at
the site please use the submittal form or email us. We also have storage
space for housing your component on our site. This allows users that do
not have web space to distribute their work through the web.

We hope to see you soon!

David Bernard
Webmaster of "The Delphi Information Connection"