Saving of component references in own properties

Again a question.

I wrote a component, which registers a variable number of other components
(Property of type TInterfacelist or array of TComponent or whatever). I
wrote an property editor for it which displays two Listboxes (already
registered, not registered). Of course I want to write this List or Array
into the dfm File. I managed to write read and write routines which write
the components names, read it and in the loaded method the name list is
converted to references. I think there must be a more handy solution.
Published Properties of Class Type are written into the dfm file as
component names and read back and converted into references exactly like I
do with multiple objects. So code for this is somewhere in the VCL Streaming
system. But the TReader and TWriter classes doesn't have something like
WriteComponentReference and ReadComponentReference. WriteComponent and
ReadComponent seems to write and read the complete component and not a
reference to it. Does anybody know how I can solve this problem easier as I
have done it?


            H. Thiemann