August 1, 1998 - Steve Teixeira and Xavier Pacheco today announced the release of "Delphi 4 Developer's Guide" (ISBN: 0-672-31284-0), the latest in the award-winning series of Delphi books by these authors published by SAMS Publishing. Additionally, the authors announced the unveiling of a new website,, designed to accompany the book.

The Advanced Reference for Delphi Developers
"Delphi 4 Developers Guide" is an intermediate-to-advanced reference for developers wishing to learn not only how to develop Delphi applications, but how to do so properly. The book demonstrates how to get the best combination of RAD and performance by demonstrating effective use of Delphi's design-time environment, proper techniques for code reuse and how to write good, clean, efficient code. "Our goal is not just to show the reader how to do it, but how to do it right and why it should be done that way," said Xavier Pacheco, co-author and President of XAPWARE Technologies, Inc.

"Delphi 4 Developer's Guide" is divided into five parts. Part I, "Essentials for Rapid Development," provides you with a strong foundation in the important aspects of Delphi and Win32 programming. Part II, "Advanced Techniques," builds upon those foundations by helping you build small but useful applications and utilities to expand your knowledge of more in-depth programming topics. Part III, "Component-Based Development," discusses VCL component development and COM development. Part IV, "Database Development," takes you through database development in Delphi, from local tables through SQL databases and multitier solutions. Part V, "Rapid Database Application Development," brings together much of what you learned in the previous parts in order to build larger-scale real-world applications. The book includes a CD-ROM, which contains all of the source code and examples from the book in addition to sample data, trial versions of software, and other extras.

"Delphi 4 Developer's Guide" is one of the largest and most complete Delphi references published to date. The book combines approximately 1300 pages of printed information with nearly 600 pages of additional material on the accompanying CD-ROM, for a total of about 1900 pages of code and Delphi know-how! "Steve and Xavier have been with the product since the very early days, and their years of experience with Delphi come through loud and clear in each code listing and paragraph in Delphi 4 Developer's Guide," said Delphi Chief Architect Chuck Jazdzewski in the book's foreword. The book was reviewed for technical accuracy by an all-star team of reviewers, including Danny Thorpe, a Senior Delphi R&D Engineer at Inprise Corporation, Anders Ohlsson, a Senior Engineer in Inprise's Developer Support department, and Alain Tadros, a Senior Quality Assurance Engineer for Delphi at Inprise Corporation.

The Companion Website
The companion website contains a table of contents for the book, information on the authors, errata information, updated code samples, special extras, and a threaded discussion group that enables readers to discuss issues directly with the authors. Developers wishing to purchase a copy of "Delphi 4 Developer's Guide" can also do so on this website. "The website really enables us to keep our readers informed and support them before, during, and after their purchase of the book," said Steve Teixeira, co-author and one of the developers of Delphi at Inprise Corporation.

Steve Teixeira is an R&D Engineer at Inprise Corporation. Xavier Pacheco is President and Chief Consultant at XAPWARE Technologies, Inc. Meet the authors in person at this year's Inprise Developer's Conference (visit for conference information). "Delphi 4 Developer's Guide" will become available this month in online and neighborhood bookstores. See for the latest information.