distributing db apps on CD - please help.

I am currently interested in developing a database application in delphi
version 1 to be distributed on cd-rom.  The database files should be
supplied on the cd, as well as the database engine (BDE).

What I want to know is this.

1.      Knowing that CD rom drives will not always be the same drive
letter, does anyone know how to make the database's alias flexible?
That is, how could I check for the computer's cd-rom drive letter, and
set the datasource alias to that?

2.      I would like the cd to be as little hassle as possibe for end-
users.  Is there any way to run the BDE from the cd (without installing
to the hard drive), possibly by telling win.ini that the engine is

3.      I am trying to search a record by using a standard text edit box
and on onChange handler, and I would like it to check for one of seven
fields in the record.  That is, if the text matches any one of these
seven fields in a record, that record will be the search result.  All
seven of these fields are key fields, and the rest are set as non-key
fields (using paradox 5), however, only the first of these fields reacts
to the search.  Does anyone know how to search the other six also?

4.      Relating to the last point, could I also set up a text edit box
to search for an eighth field (ie. could I use edit1.Text to search for
one of field1 to field7, and/or also use edit2.Text to search for

Any replies would be greatly appreciated.


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