Access to a IDispatch object inside another object


I have gain access to automation object, see below

IgssApp := CreateOleObject ('IGSSDB');

I can then get access to some of the functions and properties ex. :

If IgssApp.IsConfigLoaded Then

But Inside the mother object there is another object :

    property Objects: IDIGSSOBJECTS read Get_Objects;

    ( function Get_Objects: IDIGSSOBJECTS; safecall;)

If I make refference to this object :

Topics := IgssApp.Objects;

I then get a error saying that this object is not supported by the
Automation server.

If I try to create the object directly by :


The error is then : The class is registred.

I have imported a type library for the automation server.

Please help/ Best Regards

   Palle Hansen, DK