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Tdatabase Login Dialog AV on Cancel


I have a Test program...

A simple form (TForm) with only Database (TDatabase) dropped on it.
Datbaase Properties...

Connected = True;

While trying to run this EXE outside IDE environment
login prompt appeares...but While pressing cancel on
this retruns me AccessViolation.

We have also tried with Delphi5 update..Still the same.

Obviously looks like a delphi bug...Any suggestion on
this will be really appriciated.

Thanks and Regards,



Re:Tdatabase Login Dialog AV on Cancel

If it is a Delphi bug why does it work fine for me<g>? I just dropped a
TDatabase on a form, set the alias to IBLocal, the DatabaseName to MainDb
and added the following line to the form's OnCreate event handler.


When I click the Cancel button in the Login dialog I get an error dialog
that the connection cannot be established which is what should happen.


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