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Euro-Sign in QReport-Print possible?

Hello Delphi-reporters,
I am trying to use a EUR-sign (EUR-sign) in the printed Version of a QReport.

In the preview everything looks nice, but when I print the report the EUR
does not appear.

It is not really a critical failure since I can use the string 'EUR'
instead. Nevertheless I would like to know what I can do if I want to
print out EUR with QReport-components.

Any hint welcome.


Re:Euro-Sign in QReport-Print possible?


have you checked your printersettings for fontreplacing?
(Or to say it in german 'Schtiftartenersetzung')

Maybe you printer replaced your font with an internal
not EUR-aware version.


Re:Euro-Sign in QReport-Print possible?

Hi Ralf,
thanks for your hint. My printer should be Euro-ready (HP 4050N) .
Nevertheless it doesn't work. I tried to tweak around with the
PCL-settings, but somehow it still doesn't work.

If I choose in the printer driver settings "load TrueType as Softfont"
the QReport doesn't print at all. Maybe I have the problems because I
print via Samba. I think I stick with the 'EUR'. Nevertheless any other
hints considering this problem are welcome.



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