Delphi V2.0: The Job

BR> (Kenneth Mays) wrote:

BR>>Recently I was flamed for saying how Delphi may be superior to Visual
BR>>Basic, but you always get a job
BR>>knowing VB. Even though this is not TOTALLY true, I
BR>>would like to know from many of you if you have a
BR>>REAL job using Delphi and does it pay off like so many people claim.
BR>>I think it is easier to do a lot of things with Delphi, but I'd like
BR>>to know some REAL WORLD experiences from people who have used Delphi
BR>>V2.0 for several months.

In today's (4/14) Sunday Employment section of THE BALTIMORE SUN, I
found at least five ads for Delphi.  I think that's the most I've seen
so far.   Things are starting to look up.