Component Package released for Delphi (advertising)

Screen Dream I  Visual Components for Delphi.
..from the Coding Completely Optional series.

To receive a demo on the Screen Dream Visual Component package, send me mail and I'll send it to you
uuencoded.  Look at it--the demo's free!

Delphi is an awesome package, isnt it?  Although the interface is far advanced when compared to the other RAD
packages available, there seems to be some things missing.  You can take forever making Delphi better, or you
can get your job done and know the interface is taken care of.  For a low price, you can have several thousand
dollars worth of programming effort, and not have to program at all to get it!

Screen Dream I is a giant step in the right direction. Three RADical visual components for Delphi (not VBXes) that
put you and your interface far ahead of those guys.  They require no programming.  Ask for the demo--written in
Delphi, it needed no third-party components but these.  The components were created to prevent  the need for any
repetitive coding.

Heres whats included in Screen Dream I:

1.      The TDevice_Independence Component:  This component makes your programs completely
resolution-independent.  Drop the component on the form to get a full-screen app for multimedia, browsing, or any
other purpose.  The form, controls, text-everything looks the same on any system.  No coding involved.  Or you can
set one property to get a form that never goes above the specified percentage of screen size. Write your
programs for one screen mode and be sure theyll work fine in any.

2.      The TTileBgnd Component:  Again writing no code, you can have screens that look like you spent days
getting them just right.  Drop it on the screen and doubleclick to load in a background bitmap.  The bitmap can be
of any size; its automatically tiled to become the back of your form at runtime.  Plain vanilla backgrounds are a
thing of the past, as are huge backdrop bitmaps that waste space and take forever to load.  This component also
lets you create designer-style borders--simply by setting properties.  In the demo youll see a couple of floating
toolbars that were created with this component, and a modern style border on the ordering screen.  The
backgrounds, the borders, were created with this component.  The titlebar was easily created using existing
Delphi components. The toolbar source is included in this package--sorry, but it does require a whopping two lines
of code.

3.      The TClientMove Component:  This component (you guessed it--just drop it on the form) lets you create
toolbars with no titlebar, toolbars that can be moved by clicking on the client and dragging to a new location.  

Its looks that count. With this package, your programs can look better than they ever have. If youre interested in
receiving a free demo, send me mail at, or call (505) 836-1384.

John Reynolds