ADO Express BUG

Helle everyone.

I have now made an extensive effort in finding my way to a bug
submission form at, but didn't succeed. This is why I post

I think I have discovered a bug not yet described in these groups
since I couldn't find any similar during a search at

When I have one TADOConnection shared among a number of TADODatasets
and TADOCommands I encounter this strange behavior that while any
dataset using CursorLocation=clUseServer is active (open) I am not
able to read @@IDENTITY from the server. The field "Ident" simply
contains NULL when issuing the query "SELECT  @@IDENTITY AS Ident". If
I close all active datasets just before reading @@IDENTITY everything
works fine.

NT 4.0
MSSQL 2000

Delphi 5.0
ADO Express

All of the above has the most recent service-packs installed.

Have anyone else experienced this behavior?

Please comment on this - or tell me how to submit the bug to Borland.

Jacob Smidt